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What is Chadd Ride?

Chad Ride will be a Dhaka city based bike rental service providing company at the initial level. It will be the first venture in Bangladesh to offer bikes on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. Many young people of Bangladesh don’t have the ability to purchase a bike but have the skill and passion to ride one. Chad Ride will be the first company to offer a vehicle to its customer for personal and commercial uses. There is no denying the fact that digitalization has turned personally used vehicles into a form of full-time or part-time employment. Chad Ride will boost this particular concept to another level. A legal aged rider, with a valid driving license, will be able to rent a bike from Chad Ride and use it to generate revenue by turning it into a form of transportation. Now a day’s bike is also a source of earning. Chad Ride will create employment among the uneducated or partially educated citizens of Bangladesh by providing a diversified range of Bikes among the deserving riders.


Our mission is to create an unconventional form of employment by offering the Bikes to deserving candidates on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. We will offer the tools to young unemployed people of Bangladesh to earn and support their families. One full-time rider can easily earn around 30,000 BDT by working 20 days in a month. This particular amount is not very much lucrative for city dwellers but it is more than enough to maintain a family at a back-end native home


Chad Ride entrepreneurs stepped out in this venture with an accumulated vision of solving transportation and creating unconventional employment.

  • To serve society and needy people who have the skill and ability to earn by riding a bike.
  • Bring a change in our traffic savvy transportation system.
  • Create a new unconventional source of employment.
  • Safe and secured mobility for women.