“SMExBD” will be an Apps based SME entrepreneur promoter service. It will be the first venture in Bangladesh offering SME entrepreneurs to promote their products to the world market. Many new and young entrepreneur of Bangladesh doesn’t know how to reach the world market for better sells. “SMExBD” will be a valuable source for that entrepreneur to connect them with the world market. Every small and big businessman wants to increase their sales day by day. “SMExBD” will be that bridge for their sales increment. There is no denying the fact that digitalization of SME business will occur a huge effect on our foreign remittance of our country. “SMExBD” will boost this particular concept to another level. A legal SME businessman will get a structural solution for their business enlargement.


Our mission is to create a platform for SME Entrepreneur business to reach world market. Our only aim is to help SME business man to enlarge their business of sourcing work by their product and our caliber of innovative idea.


“SMExBD” entrepreneurs stepped out in this venture with an accumulated vision of solving the SME product export and creating unconventional employment.

Our moto:

  •  To serve SME entrepreneur and needy people who has the skill and ability to earn by exporting their product.
  • Bring a change in our SME business system.
  • • Creating new source of employment.